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Mahjouba 4 Collector Edition

2023 - Marrakech (pre-sale // ongoing)

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Mixed media (14 materials): brass-plated steel, recycled brass, nickelled silver, paint, mahogany wood (african mahogany – khaya spp.), plywood, tin, recycled aluminium, cowskin, factory-made mechanical components, factory-made electronic components, foam, electric wires, 4KW electric engine and 3D-printed Polyethylene Terephthalate.

Size (sculpture): 180cm(W) x 130cm(D) x 75cm(H) – Composite sculpture (about 150 parts)
Size (with crate): 178cm(W) x 124cm(D) x 67cm(H)
Weight (sculpture): 65 kg (variable)
Weight (with crate): 130kg
Courtesy: The artist & 100 collectors (private and public, on 4 continents)
Photo: Fenduq Archive

Craftsmen, IT developers, graphic designer & engineers involved: Abdelkhadere Hmidouche, Pierre Jayet, Abedelaali Arib, Abdelghafour Boutkrout, Mohamed Ouhaddou, Abdeljalil Ait Boujmeâa, Baptiste Juvin, Hassan El mouaddin, Mehdi Assaadi, Ismael Bounit, Mehdi Benssid, Yussef Zouak, Sophia Attigui, Kamal Aabila, Mohammed Ali El Bnaoui + Samya Abid (producer)

After six years of development Eric Van Hove and the Mahjouba Initiative launched, during the 1-54 Art Fair in Marrakech in February 2023, the presale of the Mahjouba 4 Collector Edition. This artist multiple of 100 (numbered and signed edition) of the latest Mahjouba prototype is the result of a lasting collaboration between the artist and a team of engineers & craftspeople with the help of numerous organizations all over the world (universities, multinational firms, associations, students, …).
Mahjouba Initiative (click here)

It is a fully functional (functionalist) technical design found at the crossroad of the EU legislation for two-wheel electric drive and the materials and tools used today in the craft sector in Morocco. It combines factory-made components using a Capitalist Mode of Production and partaking in the formal economy (30% of parts) and craft-made components fostering a Socialist Mode of Production within the relational economy (70% of parts). Mahjouba 4 Collector Edition is a function-driven object combining low-tech and high-tech elements: it is an NFT (though not using cryptocurrencies – illegal in Morocco) via a blockchain-secured ‘O°code’ VIN number and French multinational General Transmission’s latest 2KW electric engine, while being simultaneously a moped made by the craftsmen for the local market, using brass, steel, wood, bone, horn and recycled aluminium. It is combined to three apps: one for interacting with makers, one for future Mahjouba riders, and an informative app for now only available on Android:
Mahjouba informative app: available on Android (click here)

The Mahjouba 4 Collector Edition is part of a wider incentive by the artist to crowdfund for the licencing (in Morocco) and the development of the moped’s controller (normed software development). It is sold at the price of 5000 Euro (or equivalent in Moroccan dirhams or dollars).

Inquiries and documentation can be obtained here: –
Download the information pdf for this edition : Mahjouba 4 Collector Edition (click here)

Ordering follows this logic:

  • Email the artist’s studio to order an edition based on provided documentation (clients can ask for a specific edition number – first come, first served basis)
  • Client receive the Condition of Sales (to be signed, scanned and returned to the same email address) & Mahjouba Motor’s banking information (where the 5000 euros or 55.000 MAD or equivalent should be transferred)
  • Client returns the signed Condition of Sales and the proof of transfer by email.
  • Once payment is received, clients receive the certificate for the acquired artwork (to be delivered in February 2024 during the 1-54 Art Fair Marrakech)
  • The client also receives a limited edition Augmented Reality version (VR) of the artwork, accessible via a specific plugin on the Mahjouba app, to be placed at home while waiting for the actual artwork which will be delivered in February 2024 during the 1-54 Art Fair in Marrakech.



Mahjouba 4 Collector Edition was first launched during the 1-54 Art Fair Marrakech in February 2023. Delivery of the first editions to take place during the 1-54 Art Fair in February 2024.

On-going collaboration with the Table Clandestine in Casablanca for the first six months of 2024

frame & wheels mahjouba IV
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